You & your friends have been trapped in the Great Escape theme park. Can you find your way out?

ESCAPE is an interactive fiction adventure made with the storytelling platform Twine. In other words, it's kinda like a playable Choose Your Own Adventure Book. It's told in first person, allowing you to take actions and deliver dialogue from the point of view of the main character. The story is relatively linear, but the choices you make will affect how the characters around you perceive you... and how loyal they'll be to you when things start getting tough. There's only one ending, but you choose how you get there, and who gets there with you.

The characters and dialogue are designed to be cute and a little dorky... just like real middle schoolers. But there's also deeper meaning for those who might be looking for it.

This story drew inspiration from a written manuscript by a different, anonymous author. Though it's no longer recognizable, no donations will be accepted out of respect to that inspirational author, who isn't affiliated with the ESCAPE game.